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Our team at Ronoel Penalver MDPA

Is a group of dedicated healthcare professionals committed to providing the highest standard of care. Each member of our staff plays a crucial role in ensuring your experience at our practice is positive, comfortable, and personalized. From our receptionists to our medical assistants, everyone contributes to the welcoming atmosphere that defines our practice.

Explore the diverse backgrounds and expertise of the individuals who make up our caring team.




Education and Training

Daniel Moran is actively pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing (AND) at EDP University of Puerto Rico, underscoring his commitment to ongoing professional growth. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Medical Science Dr. Juan Guiteras in Matanzas, Cuba, and completed English for Academic Purposes at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, FL.

Certified in Good Clinical Practices by the NIDA CLINICAL TRIALS NETWORK, Daniel demonstrates expertise in essential aspects of clinical research. Additionally, his proficiency in transporting dangerous goods ensures compliance with safety standards.

Professional Experience

Daniel serves as a dedicated Study Coordinator at Pines Care Research Center, LLC, Pembroke Pines, FL, building on his prior role as a Research Assistant at the same institution. His clinical trial involvement spans studies addressing COVID-19 treatment, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and post-exposure prophylaxis, showcasing versatility and a commitment to advancing medical knowledge. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Daniel is a valuable asset in ensuring effective communication and patient engagement.



Education and Training

Gabriela Rodriguez, CRC & Site Manager at OCRC, brings over 6 years of invaluable experience in the research field. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Mathematics at FIU, Gabriela holds an AA in Mathematics with honors from MDC Padron and pursued a major in Physics at the University of Havana.

Professional Experience

With a rich background, Gabriela has contributed significantly to the research field. Her roles include Research Investigator Internship at the University of Havana, co-authoring a scientific publication. In the “Innovators Cuba” Internship at Grand Central Tech, New York, she showcased her innovative approach.

In subsequent roles, Gabriela served as a CRC at Universal Medical Research, Coral Gables, FL (2019-2022), focusing on Dermatology and COVID-19 trials. At Advanced Medical Research in Miami, FL (2022-2023), she worked on vaccine and pneumonia trials. Currently, as a CRC at Optimum Care Research, Pembroke Pines, FL, Gabriela oversees EDC data entry, regulatory tasks, CROs/Sponsor communication, and more, demonstrating her comprehensive skills in clinical trial management.



Education and Training

Rafael Jimenez is a seasoned medical professional with a diverse educational background. He holds a Registered Medical Assistant license from the American Registry of Medical Assistant, and his commitment to continuous learning is reflected in his American Heart Association ACLS license. Rafael earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Havana Medical University, Cuba, in 1980, and a Bachelor’s in Science and Letter from the Institute Oreste O Reiné in 1973.

Professional Experience

Rafael’s extensive clinical experience spans decades. He has held roles such as Resident Pediatrician, Fellow in Pediatric Embryology and Reproductive Medicine, and Senior Researcher in Pediatric at University Pediatric Hospital Juan M, Marquez. His expertise also extends to roles like Medical Records Coordinator, Research Coordinator, and Chief Medical Officer at various medical offices.

With a wealth of skills and experience, Rafael is a Senior Professor with a Master’s in Science, Registered Medical Assistant, and a clinical researcher in Gastroenterology and Nutrition for over 25 years. Proficient in SPSS and more, Rafael’s expertise includes medical scribing, triage assistance, HEDIS specialization, wound care, phlebotomy, vaccination, and a profound understanding of medical terminology. His more than 35 years of clinical experience, strong organizational and interpersonal communication skills, and commitment to patient care make him a valuable asset.



Education and Training

Magda L. Valdes Hernandez is a highly skilled professional with a comprehensive educational background. She completed her studies at Middel School William Soler, earning her Computer Operator certification from the Superior Technical Institute “Jose. A. Echevarria” in 1977. Magda further honed her skills with a High School diploma from “Frank Pais” in 1979, becoming a Systems Analyst at the National Center for Computer Training in Cuba in 1987.

Professional Experience

Magda’s rich career includes roles such as Computer Operator at the Chemistry Ministry (11/1977-07/1993), where she designed and programmed financial statements modules for the Digital Economy System SISCONT at the national level. She contributed to the Cuban Telephone Company (07/1993-01/2013) as a Programmer, handling telephone directory design and data entry, among other responsibilities.

Her experience expanded to roles such as Secretary Loyola Center at the Jesuit Company, section Cuba (02/2013-02/2016), and Assistant/Student Nutrition at Hillsborough County Public School (02/26/2017-01/31/2021). Magda’s recent position as an Office Manager at Ronoel Penalver MDPA (01/15/2022-Present) highlights her expertise in overseeing daily office operations, managing supplies and inventory, implementing office policies, and negotiating contracts. Her awards and recognitions underscore her dedication and contributions to the field.